Here’s why gas utilities are really important when cooking food

We do cooking everyday. It is so part of our lives. But without the gas appliances we are lost. Just think about it for just a minute. How would we prepare our raw food without the gas appliances ? Like the stone age with open fires? I don’t think so! I really can’t see us in the modern live without our gas appliances to make our lives a lot better. Cooking is done much faster with the gas. Preparing food onthe gas appliances are done faster and taste a lot better than raw or on open flames.

And if we think between Gas utilities and electricity, I still think gas is still a lot better. For starters gas is cheaper than electricity. The gas stoves are also cheaper than the electricity stoves. If there is a power cut, the cooking is just standing still and everyone is furious and hungry. Maybe electricity is safer, but here where we are living, we have to pay a very high price for electricity and then the power goes out almost every night. And maybe if there are floods or earthquakes where will the cooking be done? The gas stoves will still cook, but with electricity there will not be any cooking done.

I really don’t think that in today’s life anyone can live without the gas utilities. The cooking is getting done every night and no one eats raw food or going without food because there is no power. Those people who still use electricity must try cooking with gas just one’s and they will never use anything else again. I will never use anything else to cook on except gas products. I think that everyone with gas products saying the same thing, gas utilities are very important for cooking and surely the best appliances for cooking in today’s busy life.

Is genetically modified food a good thing or a bad thing?

The controversy revolving around genetically modified food (GMO) has been in existence for the last few decades. Some reports have claimed that prolonged use of genetically modified food is harmful to your health. Some scientists have even said that GMO can cause cancer. These allegations have been disputed by scientists in support of GMO foods. They say that GMO technology is a cheap and healthy way of providing diet to people.

GMO technology is not a new concept. Over the centuries, farmers have done cross breeding in plants and animals. Their sole purpose for interbreeding was to increase the food supply to the people. Interbreeding of different species produced crops and animal species which yield more produce. The new species are nutritious, healthy and can survive in more difficult conditions. In such cases, the result of interbreeding is beneficial. The genetically modified species have been used to feed billions of people around the world.

The practices of interbreeding by farmers in the past were only limited to organisms of the same species. Today, there has been a phenomenon advancement in the field of biotechnology. Scientists are able to engineer different species of organisms genetically. This way, the species are able to share the same genetic material. For example, they can take a gene from a fish that thrives in cold water and put it in a tomato. This will make a tomato able to survive in cold climates. These bio-technologies have been acclaimed by numerous scientists as a breakthrough in genetic evolution.

Despite the remarkable breakthrough, people often wonder about be the cost of producing genetically modified food. These advancements in the field of biotechnology have raised concerns to activists and consumers. They argue that the advancements are good, but are they safe? Nevertheless, allegations against genetically modified nourishment have always been controversial. This is because there has never been justifiable evidence portraying its negative effects on human health.

What are basic food requirements you need to have a healthy diet

It doesn’t have to be expensive to eat healthily, despite what some people may say. The key factor is to centre your diet around seasonal produce where possible, because not only is this cheaper, it’s healthier too. Seasonal products which are harvested when ready to eat are higher in vitamins and nutrients than food which is picked early and shipped around the world. The flavour is superior too. These, then are the basic food requirements for a healthy diet:


Protein acts as the body’s building blocks. It’s needed for cell repair, growth and renewal, so aim to eat around 50 grams of protein per day. Include at least two servings of fish per week, and don’t forget eggs, which are a cheap, low fat source of protein.

Grains and carbohydrates

Around half of your daily calorie allowance should come from grains and carbs. Filling and a good source of fibre, which promotes digestive health, they are also cheap.

Fruit and vegetables

This is where you can really make healthy savings – especially if you buy your produce from local markets when its in season. Fruit and vegetables help protect against heart disease, high blood pressure and some forms of cancer, as well as providing a wide range of nutrients to help boost the immune system. Make it your mission to eat a large serving of fruit and/or vegetables at each meal.

Dairy products

Dairy products are a valuable source of calcium, protein and vitamins A and D. However, they can also be high in saturated fats, so choose low fat dairy products if possible. Two or three servings of dairy a day is about right.

Ensure your daily diet includes the recommended servings of protein, grains and carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables and dairy products. Remember that a varied diet is a healthy diet, and you can be sure you’re eating the basic food requirements for a healthy diet.